MerePT's CS2 Gaming Configuration

MerePT's CS2 Gaming Configuration

Valve launched a brand new version of CS, Counter-Strike 2, at around 4am today.

With the launch of CS2, the era of CS:GO is coming to an end.

However, many players face a problem while experiencing the new version of CS: where is my previous configuration?

In fact, the PWA has already given a solution

After logging in to the Perfect World Arena Platform, there is a Perfect Assistant on the homepage.

After clicking on it, you can see the page of CS Personal Settings Transfer, and click on the One-click Transfer.

I will also upload my CS2 configuration file in this blog post, just like in MerePT’s CSGO Gaming Configuration.

Latest Configuration Files

Updated Date: 2023.9.28

Changing to the CS2 version of the configuration file. View key configuration

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A Bing Chat Service Which Can Be Accessed in China Mainland

A Bing Chat Service Which Can Be Accessed in China Mainland

Recently, I used Bingo, an open source project on GitHub, to build a Bing Chat service that can be accessed in China mainland.

The URL here:, you can also directly click the Bing Chat in the navigation bar of this site to visit.

Just realized that deploying with Vercel is easily banned by New Bing.

Now you can’t chat normally on this site anymore.

If you want to continue to use Bing Chat in China mainland, you can refer to the tutorial here to deploy a Bing Chat service yourself.

This article mainly talks about how to configure user information on this website.

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The SWPU's Amazing Payment Platform

The SWPU's Amazing Payment Platform

Some time ago, when paying tuition fees, I found that the payment platform of the SWPU actually do not show anything.

After recalling it, I remembered that I found this problem in my first year of college, but I was a noob and didn’t know anything about it, so I asked the counselor directly, and she told me to change my browser, so I changed to IE, and I had no problem.

After that, when I used the payment platform, I would switch my browser to IE.

This year, I forgot about it, so I opened it directly on Edge, and it still didn’t show any content, but the more I looked at it, the more wrong it was, and there was obviously something there, so I pressed F12.

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MerePT's CSGO Gaming Configuration
SWPU GPA Calculation Script

SWPU GPA Calculation Script

This script can display the average GPA of each semester in the “General Query-All Grades” and “This Semester’s Grades” pages of the Academic Affairs System of Southwest Petroleum University.

At the same time, if you need to see the details of the grades, you can use this script to click the magnifying glass button at the end of the grade column of each course to see the details of the grades without specializing in IE.

Latest: v0.0.0



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